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Fenix Capital Group and their strategic partners specialize in unique real estate investment opportunities and consulting across an array of asset classes.

Why Invest In Fenix Capital Group?

Long Term Growth

Fenix Capital Group has a long-term focus, with projects that can take years to complete. This means that there is potential for steady growth over time, as our company completes projects and continues to develop new ones.

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We offer diversification to a portfolio that may be heavily weighted in other sectors, such as stocks or bonds. Fenix Capital Group owns tangible assets, such as land, buildings, and infrastructure. This can be appealing to investors who prefer investments with a physical presence.

Income Potential & Protection

Fenix Capital generates income from rental properties or by selling completed projects. These investments are a good hedge against inflation, as property values and rental rates tend to rise with inflation. You also may be able to take advantage of tax deductions for expenses such as property taxes, mortgage interest, and depreciation.

Social Impact

We strive to have a positive impact on communities by creating new jobs, revitalizing neighborhoods, and improving the quality of life for residents. Investing in a company with a strong social impact mission can be rewarding both financially and personally.



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Our Recent Projects

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If your property does not meet our criteria, we will still help to educate you about the market and best options to sell!

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